Making Of: Fashion – The Craft

Over the past few weeks I’ve stumbled upon magnificent videos showing behind-the-scenes details of how the fashion world creates some of their most beautiful treasures. If you’ve ever wondered why the price tags on some Hermes purses or Dior gowns can be exceedingly high (often upwards of tens of thousands of dollars), take a look at some of the videos below to understand the time and craftsmanship that goes into each woven stitch.

As a little girl, and still to this day, my French grandmother Marie-Christine would constantly stress the importance of being able to distinguish fabrics and colors. A silk dress was not just a silk dress, but it was a “crepe de chine” dress. Green was not green, it was khaki and purple was not purple, it was eggplant. She would take me to the markets and point out to me what the lady next to us was wearing. When I’d come see her in the summertime, she’d questionnaire me to see if i knew the type of embroidery my Mark Jacobs shoes had on the heels, for example. Because of these beautiful teachings, I have always had a deep-rooted interest in finer things and have always payed close attention to detail. It is why I’ve always had an eye and appreciation for beauty. It is why I love beautiful, well made things. Because it’s not just a silk dress and it’s not just a handbag- there’s thought, talent and time that is put into each piece.

∇The Making of a Dior Couture Dress∇

[youtube id=”FT1Fc92-eFY”]

∇Hermes Carré∇

[youtube id=”mmS0XcvCepw” parameters=”″]

It doesn’t stop there, either- clothes are just the tip of the iceberg, especially for larger brands like Chanel & Prada, for example. It’s not about simply creating a collection, but it’s also about creating a story behind that collection, which is often represented in their fashion shows. Here are some videos to show you the massive amount of time and money that is put into a collection, as a production:

∇Closer than the Front Row: Chanel∇

Those things you have to do many months ahead…because it takes four months to build – Karl Lagerfeld [speaking of the set design for the ss15 show]

[youtube id=”cdKr2NgG2iw”]

∇Closer than the Front Row: Lanvin∇

Fashion always feels like a crime scene…we can take it[inspiration] from others, but we have to always know how to move it around so nobody will know where it’s coming from…[laughs] – Alber Elbaz

[youtube id=”XiP_u_K1NWQ”]

Voilà! Hopefully this post was able to give some of you a deeper insight & appreciation for the way that the fashion world works. If you want to watch more videos, I highly suggest continuing to watch the WWD or “Les Filles en Vogue”  Youtube series. I absolutely love watching videos like these because it re-ignites the fire in me about WHY I love to work in fashion. I don’t love trends per se and I don’t love the sometimes snobbery cliques that stem from it. What I love is the craftsmanship and the savagely inspired humans I meet along the way…that have a passion as big as mine to create beauty.

Fashion doesn’t save lives; it isn’t a necessity. However it is and always will be a huge part of our history, culture and future.


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