Magic Ladies

Yesterday was a pretty great day.

Nothing too out of the ordinary, but great nonetheless and filled with countless moments of magic and love.

To be honest my day had started off rather abruptly, with my sweet stressed mother asking me to drive all of the kids to school. It would have been easy peasy if I hadn’t mentally planned to enjoy breakfast, workout, buy Dylan (my wonderful beautiful hairstylist friend) flowers, and then go to a hair appointment at Salon Benjamin. As I was dropping off the youngest 5 year old to school, I nearly had an anxiety attack as I realized all of the cars were honking at me to hurry up- OKAY, PEOPLE I GET IT I’M IN A HURRY TOO. What I soon realized was that I had accidentally gotten into the “older kids” line, where parents literally slide their robo-car doors open as their child leaps independently out into the academic universe. My sweet brother didn’t understand why everyone around him was stressed out, and he kindly walked over to the attendant as I found a parking spot (which was on the other end of the school. Figures). It all worked out just fine, however I was still in a stressed mode because -HOW was I going to eat breakfast, get flowers, and drive all the way to West Hollywood in an hour?

Luckily my “don’t be a dramatic diva” conscious came into the story and told me to drive to Ralph’s to buy a banana, which gladly also turned into the purchasing of berries and pomegranates (my latest craze). As soon as the sugar kicked in, I was good. Isn’t that funny how filling an empty stomach can change your whole perspective? All of a sudden the morning had become a GENIUS plan of productiveness. I decided to head directly to West Hollywood, leaving me an hour and a half to find flowers, draw a note, park and waltz into the salon.  A parking spot opened up right in front of Moe’s Flowers ( an ivy-covered flower shop on Melrose Ave), and the bouquet making was just as fluid too. I wanted to find black Delilahs, because that’s Dylan’s favorite flower. No one ever has Black Delilah’s! So instead the florist and I made a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers and peonies. The florist even wrapped the flowers in brown paper, which I think is ALWAYS the way-to-go on the chic scale. Why? because it doesn’t distract from the bouquet, but rather, it compliments any color arrangement, living room and outfit.

Happy Birthday Dylan

I parked around the block to the salon, which looked like an apocalypse had just happened, because the streets were deserted. (Typically, I have a hard time finding a spot). Salon Benjamin is like a mini-home to me, and as I walked in through the big glass doors I was lucky enough to see Benjamin, Alaina, Pamela and Dylan all at once. They greeted me with a loving warmth that caught me a little by surprise. It does every time. It’s so sweet. The hair-process went by surprisingly fast and Dylan and I didn’t even have to say anything- we looked at each other and said “let’s go get food”. We quickly ran across the street and had a lovely lunch at (shoot. I forgot the name). Dylan and I ended up both ordering ‘bowls’ and pineapple  grapefruit juice. We spoke about the earth, the sad modernization and overpopulation of charming cities, traveling in rural countries, our luck for living in the States. We are truly, extremely, eternally lucky. All of you that are reading this are. You are on a computer! You have the right to search the web and look at anything you want! When I was traveling in South-West Africa, specifically Equatorial Guinea, the people had nothing. No rights as to where they wanted to work, who they wanted to marry, or leaving the country. Being born in Equatorial Guinea  almost always pre-determined that person’s fate. We are so blessed because although we may complain about our lack of knowledge for the future (because we are not psychics) …at least we have control over our decisions, and therefor a large portion of our future.

Dylan Polaroid

Anyhow, I was soon back on the road to home. Well, Scott’s house (which at this point might as well be my second home). We relaxed for a couple of hours, until I was reminded that my beautiful friend Jihan had invited me over for a girl’s night with a few other girls. I’ll soon do an interview on her, but Jihan is one of those creative people that seemingly can do anything. She runs her own business, and is an inspiration to me on how to be a creative and business woman. I was thankful that I’d worn a semi-cute outfit that day, and I quickly headed over to her place over in Echo-park.  Jihan had prepped the most beautiful picturesque dinner with a lovely royal blue and white French-style table cloth, baguette, homemade thin-crusted dainty pizzas, and little hors d’oeuvres with a fun frilly light tilapia salad. The lights were dim and we talked for hours and hours about our lives, relationships, daddy issues, flipping houses, murder pod-casts, etc. I won’t drag this day on too long (as if I haven’t already haha!), but I just want to say something. Girls night, feels so good sometimes. It was the best. I personally don’t have many close girlfriends. I’ve actually never really had close girlfriends, even in high school. When I was fourteen I became best friends with Jeffrey (best makeup artist ever), and from then on I sort of grew up really quickly and have always had friends, but never had a group of really close girlfriends like you see in those movies. It has also never really interested me, because I’m someone that is very calm, and I don’t like conflict. I don’t like gossiping, it makes me sad. So I tend to prefer to be with boys. These days, I work, and work, and study, and workout, and then by the time the day is over, I just want to be with Scott, who is my best friend. And I am perfectly happy this way. HOWEVER, I do have to say, that every once in a while it feels wonderful to connect with women that can understand exactly what you’re going through, and giggle about the same things ( like soul-crushing periods or wedding proposals). In denial, we all munched on deliciously addictive Trader Joe’s peppermint waffle cookies, telling ourselves that this was a special night.

Jihans Girls Night

Indeed, it was.