Lovers by Brigitte Sire

A few weeks ago, Scott and I shot with photographer Brigitte Sire and stylist Jardine Hammond. We hiked a short ways up to a sunny, grassy hilltop (that magically had a pond sitting on it), and played groovy music as we danced and jumped around. It was probably one of the funnest shoots I’ve had, and one of the easiest, too. “Be in love with your husband!” Easy.

Hope you enjoy!





We also spotted something out of the corner of our eyes…these snails! Living on branches of grass and shrubs! I had never seen that before!


Ps. Funny part is, Brigitte, unknowingly, had been in my workout class for an entire year. I would always look at her, thinking “do I know her?”. Turns out she was staring at my sweaty self and still decided that we should work together. Awesomeness.