First Post

HI guys! Thanks for coming to my website to check out my blog! I have been wanting to start up one for some time, and I’m SUPER excited about writing again. I’ll be posting just about anything and everything that crosses my mind; healthy recipes, projects, thoughts, interviews and life posts.

If you aren’t sure about who’s blog this is, or who the girl with the cat liner is, let me tell you! My name is Alex Noiret. I am originally born and from Paris, France. Eight years ago, I moved to Los Angeles where I currently live. I am primarily a fashion model with Vision, and my agent is Meg Day. That woman has known me since I was fifteen years old, when we were both back at Ford, and I adore her! Anyway. I love life with all of my heart and I love human beings. I truly do. I could name off 10,000 things that I also love, but… I’ll save it for later. THE IMPORTANT THINGS that you really need to know is that I love cats, I really should never buy packs of gum because I eat them in a day,  I am a pretty tough cookie independent firecracker girl, and I am a stubborn adventurous Sagittarius that wears SPF 75 every single day (and night).

I love this life with all of my heart and these past two years have been the best of my looooong 19 years of life . I’ll be explaining why, including some diary entries that I’ve written in Europe, Africa, Mexico and here in the US.