Desert Bridals: Scott & Alex

Desert Bridals + Joshua Tree

The photos are here!!! A big thank you to Monika Ottehenning for shooting desert bridals of Scott and I in the freezing cold (but beautiful) Joshua Tree. I’d never really mentally planned out what I wanted my bridals to look like (let alone wedding), but knew that I wanted to be surrounded by nature, and not the beach (haha — I’m not really a beach girl, though I wish I were). I also leaped at the chance to take photos with Scott because 1. I love this man and turns out, I would actually love photos for this once-in-a-lifetime moment in our lives 2. I would wear my wedding dress every day if I could 3.  Reliving a sliver of our wedding day, even for a few hours, is so fun.

We all woke up at 4:30 in the morning, leaving at 5:00 AM for the desert, arriving at 9:00 AM, or sometime around there. The light was beautiful, there was no one in sight, and everything sort of fell into place. Well, except for the fact that it was FREEZING (you’d never guess by looking at the pictures. . . hopefully. Ha!).

Hope you enjoy!

Dress – Rose & Delilah via Bride Boutique LA (best place ever. So grateful)

Flower crown – myself & Vons (super easy and affordable to do, if you want a tutorial, I can show you!)

(click on the pictures to see them bigger!)

Desert Bridals in Joshua Tree

I love you

Desert Bridals and flower crowns in Joshua Tree

Post butt grab

We are twins!


Desert Bridals shot in Joshua Tree

Flower crowns, baby's breath and the sweetest man I know

Desert Bridals in Joshua Tree

Desert Bridals with my sweetest heart!

Desert Bridals by Monika Ottehenning


Scott is a babe

Desert Bridals and dress by Bride Boutique LA

Thank you Bride Boutique and Rose&Delilah

Flower crowns and Joshua Tree Bridals

Baby's breath bouquet and crown

Rose gold wedding rings in Joshua Tree

We love you!!!

Looking ahead - so much adventure ahead of us!!!