Creative Combinations: SS15

With the most recent ss15 (spring summer 2015) campaigns & editorials coming out, I decided to finally delve back into the fashion world to study up & take in some inspiration. When I first began as a model, at age 14, I would sit at the library computers during my high school’s lunch and go on fashiongonerogue & thefashionspot to follow up on the newest campaigns, models, etc. I was obsessed to say the least, and as of lately (these past 2 years) I have not nearly payed as close attention. These past couple of years have been life-changing ones where I’ve grown to see much further than the world of fashion, which consequently became somewhat insignificant to me. I wanted to see the world as a whole-travel, experience joy, love, family, spirituality. I no longer wanted to huddle over my computer for hours studying the newest trends and models that would soon to be ‘fashionably executed’. So, being the extreme person that I am, I stopped pretty much cold-turkey. I stopped reading magazines, going on fashion sites, everything. However these days, I’m trying to find balance. I’m also finding that as I strive to better myself in a creative sense, it is becoming important again to study fashion & the inspiration that I can pull from it. I don’t have to like everything. But I can take what I do like and leave the rest.

Tonight I decided to spend a few hours going over the latest ‘fashion news’ – runway shows, campaigns & editorials. That’s not all! My US Vogue subscription came in the mail today, and I finally flipped through it.  In it there’s an article called “Black Magic” about how cat eyes are “in”. Well,  what can I say? I’ve been years ahead of you guys. Just kidding (heehee). As I uncovered this season’s newest inspirations, I decided that I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photos (but in a creative way). Here are my curated collages of Spring Summer 15:  











What I found interesting about the campaigns & editorials this season is the focus on femininity and happiness. There are smiles everywhere and it’s incredibly refreshing. The girls (for the most part) look healthy and vibrant, with little makeup and natural hair. And when I say ‘femininity’, i don’t necessarily mean that there are pink frills everywhere. There’s more color, yes, but what I mean is that there seems to be a nice catering to all women – ones that like to be a little bit more classic & modest and ones that like to maybe dress more cool. The clothes seem to bring all of these traits together, all the while remaining realistically wearable &  flattering curves in all the right places. What else? Lanvin & Celine play with diversification & remind us that our elders are probably even cooler than we are. Sadly, this is true. My grandma is endlessly more elegant and chic than I am. Ah, well. C’est la vie!

PS. What were your favorite campaigns or editorials from this season? Why?

Comment below and let me know.