Early Beginnings in Fashion: Ford Models

This year, 2014, has been one of the greatest years. It’s been a year of love, spirituality, self assurance, trials, growth, and wonderful blessings along the way. I’ve had some heartbreak, a major car accident, some let-downs and personal struggles. However…all of those things were brought into my life so that I could learn and benefit from them. I grew closer to family, found a really wonderful best friend AND lover (in one!), and shot for Vogue Italia along with a fragrance campaign. The latter things are probably the things (to my surprise) that mattered the least.

I’ll have the occasional sad day, but those are luckily far and in between. Today I can support myself. I am strong spiritually. I have a family that loves me. I have wonderful agents. I’ve had great jobs and have been able to recognize that there is loyalty in this crazy fashion industry. I am more aware of what I put in and out of my life. I am going to school. I try to surround myself with people that uplift and inspire me.  Of course life isn’t perfect and I’d like to change a few things: I’d like to have a stronger relationship with my dad; I’d like to get over my (weird) fear of calling my family members in France; I’d like to keep climbing the ladder professionally-speaking; I’d like to accomplish all of my projects and goals. I also know, that good things take time. And this year I’ve learned that that’s okay.


But…That wasn’t always the case. I’d like to quickly share with you my “story” with a series of pictures. [This entire blog will hopefully give you an insight as to how it all came to be, but here’s a summary and at least the beginning of it].


Alex Noiret's closeup polaroid for Ford Models

My little sister had taken this Polaroid before we’d sent them into Ford and Elite. I remember that I REFUSED to take a digital picture- I wanted a Polaroid picture because I knew that it looked artistic. I really didn’t know anything about how to model, but I knew that Karlie Kloss was going to be the next big thing and that this was something that I could do (I don’t know why I knew this, I just did). I was 14. (also- why in the world was I wearing a bra with this?! I didn’t have boobs! And if I did, nude color! Come on!)


Alex Noiret's first polaroid for Ford Models

This was the second Polaroid that was sent in. Holy long legs! I didn’t even have to try. Ah- the genetics of a prepubescent teen.


SO yes, I am naturally a golden-auburn-brunette. Today I am blonde, and I love it. It makes me feel more light and less serious. Anyway- these were the first ever Polaroid’s that I’d sent in to agencies. At the time, I only knew of Ford and Elite and was just beginning my obsession with The Fashion Spot. In High School I’d sit alone during lunch and log into the fashion forums on the library computers. It sounds lonely, but fashion was actually my escape and mental sanctuary- it was a world that I understood.

Summer of 2009 was when I sent in the above Polaroids to Ford and Elite. The next day, I left for France to visit my dad and grandparents. A few days after that, my mom called from California. In her excited yet nonchalant voice, she said that Ford has just faxed her over a contract and that we would be meeting and signing with them a couple days after I got back to the U.S. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I walked into the big building that Ford Models LA was in. I don’t remember everything that happened, but I remember that my agent at the time Natalie took my mom and I out to dinner across the street. She was telling me that I would definitely be in ‘high fashion’ and that though it would take a while to breakthrough, I would make it. But I would have to have patience (this still proves true today). She then told me to start studying up on the fashion world and followed that by asking me what photographers I knew of. I frantically paced the memory halls of my brain searching for a name- none. Oh, wait! Yes- ” Steven Meesle”. I remembered seeing that name on the seam of a US Vogue editorial. She laughed and said “YES! Steven MEISEL (prounounced MY-ZELL not MEEZLE)”. I was a little embarrassed obviously, but that doesn’t matter.

I was signed with Ford Models, one of the biggest modeling agencies in the World. This is where the journey all started.