2017: A Year to Be Brave


(It’s nights like these that I’m able to align my thoughts into fluid streams of written words, making more sense than during the day. Mixing and whirling with the noise of the world, my thoughts become muddied, but at night, it is quiet. I’m sitting here in my living room as Scott and I take turns editing a project for my beloved Dôen family. We really should have finished the project a few days ago, but — holidays. Family. Life. Our new little kitten Oliver (if you follow my Instagram stories, you know!) comes over to Scott and I at intervals, between short, adorable power-naps.  He loves us and I hope that he knows we love him. We can’t get enough.)

 I’ve always loved writing, even when my words were meant for no eyes other than my own (there was a time when I’d carry a little brown journal with me, stop in my tracks, drop my words onto paper, and roll onto the next beautiful thought). But it’s easy to write exclusively for the heart ; writing for the world to see is a bigger hill to climb. Will my readers understand? Will the things that I write do any good? Is it all worthwhile, or is it a waste of time? Ah, the artist questions. Well, it’s 2017, and while 2016 felt like a beautiful, wild, painful pressure-cooker, 2017 is the year that I let go. 2017 is the year that I allow myself to be raw. To be raw, I must be brave.

This is my truth:

I cannot sit idly anymore, ignoring my responsibility

as a citizen of this Earth,

as an American, as a French, as a liberal Mormon, as an artist, as a model, as a


to bring HUMANITY to my community(ies).

Members of the world, LGBTQ, artists, misfits, mothers and daughters,

I love you tenderly, fiercely, admiringly, and I stand by you, forever.

Aside from my personal life-journey, I feel that now, more than ever, is it important that we stand firm and protect those that need protecting. That we stand together, united, as one.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunities that I’ve had this far in life. I am thankful for this voice, and with it I promise to do good. It is my honor and responsibility.

Let’s go 2017, BRAVERY!