“Baby Pop” Grazia France shot by Hilary Walsh

Woohoo! A few months ago,  Hilary Walsh (whom I love and adore!) photographed me in Venice for the newest Grazia France issue. When she called me for the shoot, I was delighted and excited! To shoot for French publications, and especially Grazia France, means that my grandparents can see what I do from their closest newsstand. Seeing … Continue Reading

A Night with Chanel Beauty & We Love Coco

When I received Chanel’s invitation for their “We Love Coco” party a few weeks ago, I was in awe and very excited. Being a part of the Chanel community means more to me than lipstick and glamour. As I mentioned on my Instagram a few days ago, it means a certain closeness to my grandmother … Continue Reading

DÔEN S18 shot by Hilary Walsh in Lima, Peru!

Dôen Spring 18 is out!!! This time around we shot in beautiful Lima, Peru (yes, Peru! A dream!). We stayed there for a total of five days — two to travel, three to shoot. Although the circumstances were difficult at times, with high winds and unexpected traffic, we had a beautiful time, made some memories … Continue Reading

TOMS FW18 Shot by We Are The Rhoads

TOMS FW18 is here! A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting TOMS’ FW18 collection with We Are The Rhoads; a photography couple-duo made up of Chris and Sarah Rhoads. We began the first half of our shoot in Highland Park and ended at a little lake up in the mountains near Mount … Continue Reading

Coucou Paris: Our Week Trip with Sézane and Eve Denim

Last month Scott and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary, four years together as a couple and Scott’s birthday! I was initially planning on surprising Scott with a trip up to Northern California (staying in a gorgeous, magical treehouse). However, the treehouse was in Santa Rosa; the area that was sadly ravaged by a terrible … Continue Reading

Self Portrait Series : Love in the Air

Taking self-portraits has been one of my most favorite creative outlets for the past five years.  A few weeks ago, by clicking on the hashtag #noiretportrait (a hashtag I created to document these portraits), I noticed that my first self-portrait was way back in 2013! Looking back at my portrait work, I was able to … Continue Reading