5 Things My Journey Through Mormonism Taught Me

For the past few years, my spiritual world has gone through a deep chasm, shifting and widening, leaving my soul wandering, departing on a journey to find all that I can about what is good, and most of all, what is right. I found Mormonism in my mid-teens. Although I was hesitant to delve into … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk: How to Find Beauty in Everyday Life

As you all might know, I talk about beauty a lot ( #onlifebeauty ). Not the type of beauty that covers magazines, or the products and clothing that we cover ourselves with, but real, unfiltered, magical beauty of LIFE! It seems as we grow into adults, we lose the ability to remain humble and curious, … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk: Why I Chose to Unfollow You

Maybe you’re like me. I recently realized a big portion of the people I was following on Instagram were people that I maybe shouldn’t have been. Not that those people had done anything inherently bad or unfavorable at all, but I realized all of the comparing, judging, and self-deprecating that was going on as I’d … Continue Reading

5 Tips For a Healthy New Year: How to Find a Healthier Lifestyle With Food and Exercise

SO, I am not exactly one to know moderation. I’m an all-or-nothing type girl, especially when it comes to the way that I work and the way that I work-out. And eat, sleep, and live. I tend to push and give my all until I become burnt-out, tired and swing the other way on the pendulum. … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk: Self Love

∇ My New Year’s resolution was to be gentle on myself, but push myself to always be progressing. I think we all know what ‘progression’ means, but what about gentleness? This is what I’d like to touch on in this post: self love and being gentle with yourself and your soul. With social media, magazines, everything- … Continue Reading