A Closer Look: My Glitter Guide Home Tour & 10 Favorite Everyday Beauty Products

Eeee it’s out! My LA home tour and interview with Glitter Guide is up on their site here, with a beautiful write-up by Wendy Vasquez (thank you!). When Taylor Sterling, founder and creative director of Glitter Guide, and Samantha Welker, business manager, asked if I would be open to giving a little home tour…I couldn’t … Continue Reading

INTERVIEW: French Illustrator Jeremy Combot

INTERVIEW Jeremy Combot Jérémy Combot is a French born artist & illustrator now residing in Brittany. His drawings are impeccably pleasing to the eye with an ode to the 90’s and a twist on proportions. Quirky and sleek, his characters are drawn with chic poised faces and colorful stylish clothes that can only make you … Continue Reading

INTERVIEW: Artist & Model Muse Hannah Vandermolen

INTERVIEW Hannah Vandermolen Hannah Vandermolen is not only a muse and fashion model, but she is an incredible painter and artist. The first time that I actually met her was this past May on set for Vogue Italia. We instantly bonded because we both had the desire to make an impact in the World and … Continue Reading