The Smile Lines That 2017 Brought

Happy New Year!!! I am so grateful for 2017 and so grateful for so many of you that have followed along through it all. Here are a few thoughts that I also shared on Instagram. 2017 was… The best year of my life. A few days ago (while in Idaho) Scott and I visited one … Continue Reading

New Digis!

YAY! New digis are here, shot by Mike Courtney, one of my agents at Vision. Thank you, Mike! Additionally, I’d like to give a shout out and thank you to my Vision family for always being there, along for the ride. I may feel my best today, both mentally and physically, but it’s taken a … Continue Reading

Bon Appétit: Refreshing Mint Lime Virgin Spritzer (sugar free)

For years now, as a fashion model, I’ve learned and kept recipe lists of ways to keep my diet clean and healthy, all while remaining exciting and fun. I’d really love to post more of these clean recipes to share with you my passion and inside-scoop that I have both as a French foodie girl and … Continue Reading

Bon Appétit: Clean Chocolate Crunch Bars

Woo! New recipe is up, and it’s perfect for the chocoholic sweet-tooth like me, that doesn’t want all of the junk coming with it (both in the ingredients, and. . . in the trunk. It’s true). For years, as a fashion model, I’ve invented little recipes and concoctions that could imitate and satisfy my chocolate … Continue Reading

5 Tips For a Healthy New Year: How to Find a Healthier Lifestyle With Food and Exercise

SO, I am not exactly one to know moderation. I’m an all-or-nothing type girl, especially when it comes to the way that I work and the way that I work-out. And eat, sleep, and live. I tend to push and give my all until I become burnt-out, tired and swing the other way on the pendulum. … Continue Reading