“Baby Pop” Grazia France shot by Hilary Walsh

Woohoo! A few months ago,  Hilary Walsh (whom I love and adore!) photographed me in Venice for the newest Grazia France issue. When she called me for the shoot, I was delighted and excited! To shoot for French publications, and especially Grazia France, means that my grandparents can see what I do from their closest newsstand. Seeing … Continue Reading

A Night with Chanel Beauty & We Love Coco

When I received Chanel’s invitation for their “We Love Coco” party a few weeks ago, I was in awe and very excited. Being a part of the Chanel community means more to me than lipstick and glamour. As I mentioned on my Instagram a few days ago, it means a certain closeness to my grandmother … Continue Reading

The Smile Lines That 2017 Brought

Happy New Year!!! I am so grateful for 2017 and so grateful for so many of you that have followed along through it all. Here are a few thoughts that I also shared on Instagram. 2017 was… The best year of my life. A few days ago (while in Idaho) Scott and I visited one … Continue Reading

My Cozy Cabin Winter Holiday

For the holidays Scott and I headed toward Boise, Idaho, which is Scott’s hometown! We’ve come here past winters and summers, each time enjoying the fresh air, untouched nature, family time, and peaceful silence that comes from a small city (unlike hectic Los Angeles). Scott’s parents always welcome us with open arms, and their love … Continue Reading

Coucou Paris: Our Week Trip with Sézane and Eve Denim

Last month Scott and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary, four years together as a couple and Scott’s birthday! I was initially planning on surprising Scott with a trip up to Northern California (staying in a gorgeous, magical treehouse). However, the treehouse was in Santa Rosa; the area that was sadly ravaged by a terrible … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk: What It’s Like To Be HSP

A few weeks ago my beautiful, sweet friends of The Girls With Glasses, Summer Bellessa and Brooke White, asked me to talk about what it means to be an HSP. To be honest, I didn’t know the term HSP existed until about six months ago. However, when I looked into it, it all made sense. I … Continue Reading