My Pantene campaign is out!! I'm so excited to finally share with you a shoot I did for Pantene, shot a few months ago in New York (when I also first discovered lindy hop dancing, on a very bold and

A self-love diary post recalling a recent incident, originally posted on Instagram: A stylist recently kept criticizing my body on set— eventually saying, in front of the entire crew, ”she has no ass!”. I whipped around and told her to stop,

  Woohoo!!! Dôen Spring '19 is out!!! For Spring 2019, the Dôen team crossed the equator into

Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite go-to desserts: baked pears! It's simple, quick and easy to make, much healthier than anything processed and tastes truly rich and delightful. It's a great dessert to enjoy alone, but also

To get into the holiday spirit, out of the city and create some beautiful content for Sézane, Scott and I headed towards the mountains of Big Bear. We stayed in a beautiful, warm, charming and cozy cabin (link here) and

One of my favorite L.A. based jewelry designers, Loren Stewart (whom I've also worked with!), gifted me this beautiful necklace that I haven't taken off for the past six months, at least! Thank you, Loren! I love Loren's jewelry (especially her