In a recent post, I briefly talked about how much fun it is to see and work with familiar faces. Over time, the fashion industry starts to feel like a tiny world, a small web of connections and beautiful souls

A street-style story shot by my love Scott, featuring fresh blonde hair by Tracey Cunningham and beautiful styling by her team at Meche Salon. What an honor for me to be in her hands and what a feeling it is

The new JBRAND Jeans Spring campaign is out, and I am so thrilled to show you this story! We shot on a fairly cloudy day in Los Angeles, though the atmosphere was anything but. I was thrilled when I looked

Coming up on four years of marriage, I've been reflecting on how quickly time has passed and all of the growth and change that has happened within these past four years. Our love for one another has continued to grow.

My Pantene campaign is out!! I'm so excited to finally share with you a shoot I did for Pantene, shot a few months ago in New York (when I also first discovered lindy hop dancing, on a very bold and

A self-love diary post recalling a recent incident, originally posted on Instagram: A stylist recently kept criticizing my body on set— eventually saying, in front of the entire crew, ”she has no ass!”. I whipped around and told her to stop,