Alex Noiret is a Franco-American model, lifestyle blogger, creative director, and artist.

Having grown up in Paris, France and traveling at a young age, Alex quickly took to the taste of beauty — whether it be in the world of fashion and textiles, photography, writing, food, travel, etc. Her interest in creating beauty blossomed throughout the years, which eventually sparked her interest in modeling. Alex started with Ford Models at the age of fifteen and is currently represented by Vision Los Angeles and Muse New York.


Client List


Matteo Montanari          Hilary Walsh            Bruce Weber

Coliena Rentmeester           Skye Parrott        Michel Comte

              Carissa Gallo               Tom Newton               Zoey Grossman

Tierney Gearon             Kim Yeong Jun             Dove Shore

  Mei Tao              Jimmy Marble           Daria Ritch

       Graham Dunn              We Are The Rhoads


Rebecca Thomas          Andrew Gallo

Columbine Goldsmith           Pete Ohs

Hallie Meyers-Sheyer           Nancy Meyers