SO, I am not exactly one to know moderation. I'm an all-or-nothing type girl, especially when it comes to the way that I work and the way that I work-out. And eat, sleep, and live. I tend to push and give

Desert Bridals + Joshua Tree The photos are here!!! A big thank you to Monika Ottehenning for shooting desert bridals of Scott and I in the freezing cold (but beautiful) Joshua Tree. I'd never really mentally planned out what I wanted

Shooting Swiss Cashmere, my First Fragrance Campaign ∇ It's out!!! Last year I shot a fragrance campaign called "Noble Simplicity" for Swiss Cashmere by Michel Comte. This was my first fragrance campaign and it was an absolute honor and joy to be there. Michel

NOVELLA ROYALE FW MOROCCO IT'S OUT! This past summer I was able to go on an incredible trip to Morocco with my friends Easton Schirra and Spencer Byam-Taylor. The trip was sponsored by Novella Royale, and I am so grateful for